Chua Homecooked Recipe : Sardine Wrap Recipes

Sardine Wrap


12 pieces of sandwich bread
2 big pieces of sardine in tomato sauce.
1 big onion
pepper powder
parsley 1 spring
3 pieces of sushi seaweed

1 cup flour
1 egg
1 cup water
¼ teaspoon salt


1 Mix all the ingredients for batter till smooth

2 Mesh sardine with two tablespoons of tomato sauce

3 Chop big onions finely and add to sardine.  Add in one to two teaspoons of pepper powder.  Mix well

4 Chop parsley leaves finely and add to sardine mix

5 Cut each seaweed into four pieces, the size of sandwich bread

6 Take one piece of bread, put one piece of seaweed on top of the bread, take one tablespoon of sardine mixture and spread on half of the seaweed bread, fold over the other half, press well.  Repeat till all the bread and sardine mixture all used up


1 Heat a Kuali or deep frying pan, pour in half Kuali or frying pan with oil.  Maintain medium flame.

2 Take one sardine sandwich wrap by hands dip in batter, make sure the bread is fully covered with batter.

3 Lower the coated bread into the oil carefully.  Turn over the other side of bread when one side is lightly golden brown.  After both sides are turn lightly brown in colour, switch fire to high heat, turn 2 or 3 times till both sides are golden brown.

4 Remove and drain on Kitchen paper.

5  Serve warm.

Sardine Wrap


1 Sardine wrap before frying can be prepared and , sealed and stored in freezer for further use.

2 Sardine wrap after fried can be warmed in an oven or toaster for few minutes, make sure they are not over cooked to brown.  It is better to fry them light brown for reheating.

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