Banana Chips Recipe

My family old time favourite during Chinese New Year is this banana chips.  It is crispy and fragrant. The kids just cannot stop putting them into their mouths !

2 long green "Tanduk" bananas  ( pisang tanduk )
oil for deep frying
Banana Chips

1. Line 2 big cake tins with kitchen papers.

2. Prepare a kuali of cooking oil for deep frying.

3. Grind the sugar to  powderly form.

4. Peel off the skin of green banana

5. Heat up the oil, when the oil is hot, using slicer slice the green banana into the hot oil, use a perforator to stir until the banana slices are crispy.

6. Remove and drain on prepared cake tin lined with kitchen paper.

7. Sprinkle with sugar, when cooled, keep in air tight container.

Banana chips

Pisang Tanduk (about 1 foot long, or slightly more than 1 foot long)

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